We Have the Finest Limo Fleet in Iowa City, IA!

If you think we are only limited to a limo fleet, those in Iowa City, IA can tell you that we have more than just that! In fact, we have sedans, vans, and SUVs, all ready to roll! If you feel as though a limo would be too much for a corporate meeting, you can always choose a sleek sedan. if you need to make a statement or impress others without having to go for the traditional limo, we at Anaman Concierge Services, LLC also provide an assortment of SUVs for you to choose from.

We aim to provide flexible options for our clients. Our roster of available vehicles showcases our intentions. Feel free to browse through them so you can better decide which vehicle would better suit your needs. Once you have successfully chosen your preferred vehicle, it’s all a matter of booking an appointment with us. Give us a call or fill out the contact form before your intended event and we guarantee to be there with the vehicle of your choice!

Anaman Concierge Services, LLC: Providing better experiences.