Providing Private Transport in and out of Iowa City, IA

Why rent a car during your travel when you can go for private transport around Iowa City, IA instead? Choose Anaman Concierge Services, LLC today! This way, you’ll even have a personal chauffeur who can cater to all of your and your schedule’s needs!

If you’ve ever rented a car before, then you know just how much of a hassle it is to go around town, especially if you’re not really too familiar with the area. This is especially true if you’re the type who needs to do more important tasks instead of sitting behind the wheel in the middle of heavy traffic.

Well if you’re in or around Iowa City, opting for transportation services will prove to give you much more convenience. This service allows you to basically maximize your time during any form of travel. Planning to finish up some paperwork in the car? Or perhaps coordinate with other people through calls and emails? Not sure what the fastest ways to go around town are? You won’t have to deal with any worries if you let us at ACS handle your transport.

We provide a reliable range of services covering personal and corporate needs, weddings, parties, employee vanpools, and many more. (24/7 customer care is guaranteed.)

We provide Non-Stop Shuttle Service suitable for travelers of all types, single or groups, families or businesses. We also provide our services for hotels and their guests.

Our services are limited to only one reservation per ride, which means you will not be sharing your ride with any other travelers who aren’t on your reservation. Your chauffeur will pick you up and take you straight to your destination.

For immediate service requests, please call +1 (319) 471 2347.

We also offer memberships for our client:

Our membership packages offer exclusive privileges tailored to serve your needs. As a member, you can enjoy our premium and personalized services 24/7 with a 10% discount, while conveniently paying for only once a month or a one-time fee:

 Platinum Elite Membership

All-inclusive package deal with a 40-hour service a week.

Gold Elite Membership

Package deal with a 20-hour service a week

Silver Elite Membership

Package deal with a 10-hour service a week.

Services include but are not limited to:

Airport Pick Up / Drop Off

We provide a reliable and convenient form of travel in luxury cars, either from home, office, or any other choice of pick-up location to the airport-designated drop-off zone or from the airport to your destination.

Employee Vanpool / Staff Transportation

This service is meant to help reduce the hustle that workers go through during their travel to and from their respective place of work. It also saves gas, mileage on your car, and parking fees. Talk to us, and we will customize a specialized service for your needs at a reduced cost.

Hospital Shuttle

Based on demand from the hotels that Anaman Concierge Services, LLC work with, we have added hospital shuttle to our services. This will be from hotels in Iowa City and Coralville. Do note, however, that this service is not for medical transportation but for patients’ families and friends instead. Prices are as low as $10.00. We aim to help families by providing a reliable source of transportation at the lowest rate possible. However, hotels with a working relationship with Anaman Concierge Services, LLC enjoy an even more special rate for this service.

Weddings / Parties Transportation Services

Great memories are extremely important and Anaman Concierge Services, LLC understands that. We will provide transportation for your guests or bridal party before, during, and after your wedding.

General Chauffeur Services

Enjoy top-notch service with experienced, courteous, and professional chauffeurs. We will take care of the steering to drive you safely.

We will drive you anywhere any day with a chauffeur at your service as long as necessary. Anaman Concierge Services, LLC will safely take you from one city to another.

Do you have a DUI history?

We don’t exclude anyone based on driving history. If, for any reason, you are not afforded the right to drive at present, Anaman Concierge Services, LLC is the answer to all your travel needs, both personal and professional.

Running Errands

We will wait on you while you attend to your busy day. We will drive you from place to place as you run errands and meet the needs of your demanding life.

Personal Services

Anaman Concierge Services, LLC offers a wide range of personal services including dry-cleaning pickup & delivery, pet sitting, mobile car-wash and detailing, packing & unpacking, house-sitting, moving, etc. Speak to us about maximizing time, and we can be of help

Corporate Services

We have great package deals for organizations who are either looking forward to a reliable form of grand transportation for travels or for employee vanpool.

Prom and Graduation

Allow us to help turn your dreams into a wonderful memory.  Call on us for a wonderful experience of your prom and graduation transportation needs. We promise you nothing but the best of Services.

Event Planning

Our company assists not only in your traveling needs but also for your events — and it’s not limited to taking your guests to and from your event locations. We also provide event planning so that you can experience true and absolute convenience even during the hectic planning phase of your important moments.

At ACS, expect that we provide even more services that cater to your needs and comfort. So for any questions or concerns, call us at +1 (319) 471 2347. You may also request a quote by contacting us through email or through the message forms in this site.

At Anaman Concierge Services, LLC, your convenience is our top priority.